Misura replies

We have prepared a list of the most frequent questions. If you cannot find the answer to your question, contact us! We will be happy to help you.

A proper diet
  • A proper diet means eating in a way that is suitable both qualitatively and quantitatively. A healthy diet provides an appropriate amount of energy and nutrients so that your body meets its daily needs. Furthermore, it is advisable to associate your diet with regular physical activity that allows you not only to burn excess energy but to stay in shape and relieve stress.

  • Breakfast is a fundamental meal that allows us to acquire the energy necessary for starting the day. We need only pay attention not only to the quantity but also the quality of the food eaten. On average, one should consume between 300-400 kcal at breakfast, in other words 15-20% of the daily requirement. An Italian style breakfast calls for biscuits or croissants, a hot drink and a fruit juice or fruit; the recommended number of biscuits varies from 4-5 biscuits every morning.

  • Misura offers a series of products for vegetarians: tasty Privolat puffed rice and cocoa biscuits and rusks, Fibrextra e no added sugar varieties, Perfect for a breakfast or snack!

  • The Misura Privolat line is perfect for those who want to or must forgo milk and eggs but not great taste. The line is rich in delicious products: biscuits with chocolate drops, biscuits with honey, rice and cocoa bicuits, traditional croissant, apricot croissant, chocolate croissant.

  • Our products may be eaten by children over three years of age.

  • Our Fibrextra pasta with100% Italian wheat and bronze extrusion has been certified as kosher and for this reason meets the essential requirements and religious principles of Judaism.

  • If you are a celiac and do not know what to eat for a snack, Misura has the solution for you: the Liberidì line of products for those who must forgo gluten but not the enjoyment of a delicious snack. The Liberidì line consists of a snack filled with cocoa cream and a snack filled with apple preserves.

Our company and the enviroment
  • Misura, a brand acquired by the Colussi Group, is headquartered in Milan in Via G. Spadolini, 5 – 20141 Milan, Italy – Tel +39.02.847841 – Fax+39.02.84784439 – E-mail colussi@colussigroup.it

    The company has three production sites in Italy: Petrignano d’ Assisi (Pg), Tavarnelle Val di Pesa (FI) and Fossano (CN).

  • Misura is an international company. Our products are exported worldwide, in particular: Europe (France, United Kingdom, Germany, Switzerland), Scandinavia, the Iberian Peninsula, Eastern European countries, Mediterranean countries, the Baltics, the Middle East, Africa and South Africa, Asia, Japan, Poland, Romania, Russia, Oceania, North America and South America.

  • Misura promotes the protection of and respect for the environment, a correct and responsible use of resources and the sustainable disposal of waste. This represents taking responsibility for our process and product: we not only concern ourselves with the environmental impact of our production cycles but also the compatibility of the entire product lifecycle with environmental needs, from design to recycling or disposal.

    In order to contribute concretely to protecting the ecosystem, the Group implements a series of actions daily:

    • the use of simplified packaging, to limit the quantity of packaging materials.
    • the use of recyclable packaging elements.
    • the rationalization of the production processes and the limiting energy use, with subsequent significant savings.

  • Misura has decided not to use genetically modified organisms in order to guarantee only products of the highest quality for our consumers. The company has always been a supporter of quality through a rigorous management of raw materials: from the purchase to the processing throughout the entire production process.

  • Misura, a pioneer in the whole wheat world, has always offered the highest quality whole wheat  products thanks to our Misura Fibrextra Selection: a unique blend of soluble and insoluble fibre and 100% whole wheat  flour, obtained from the direct milling of the entire wheat grain that does not undergo the refining processes used for the 0 and 00 flours for example. Thanks to the tradition of unique and select ingredients, we obtain products with a crunchy, crumbly texture with a high fibre content: the right blend of fibre and great taste!

  • For the Misura products containing eggs, we use exclusively fresh Italian Category A barn eggs in accordance with ethical criteria that allow them to live free and guarantee the egg-laying hens a diet based on feed free of artificial colouring.

  • Misura has an entire soy-based product range, consisting in crackers and biscuits: characterized by their crunchiness, the delicate taste of soy and less saturated fat (30% less for the crackers and 50% less for the biscuits compared to the average of the best-selling products). Reducing the intake of saturated fats helps maintain normal cholesterol levels.

  • It is a type of flour made from less refining of the grain that makes it possible to use the external part of the grain, maintaining some of its more nutritious parts. For this reason, type 2 wheat flour is richer in bran compared to the 0 and 00 flours that undergo more refining.

  • The Misura Dolcesenza line of products is indicated for those who are sweet but not excessively so! It is an entire line consisting in biscuits made with cereals, cherry-filled croissants and rusks with no added sugar. The sweetener used is maltitol: a natural sweetener obtained from maltose syrup. Maltitol has 40% fewer calories compared to conventional sugars, indicated for those on a low sugar diet.

  • The glycemic index is the speed with which glycemia, the concentration of sugar in the blood, increases following the intake of a food. The Misura low glycemic index line includes two biscuits: biscuit with chocolate drops and a biscuit with hazelnuts. We replace the starch in the flour with a resistant starch, fibre extracted from maize. On average, the index for glucose is 100, while the index for the Misura biscuits is lower than 35. The products have been analyzed by the Department of Biology and Biotechnology of the University of Pavia.

  • Misura has always used the highest quality raw materials, carefully selecting the products and constantly monitoring them through rigorous laboratory analyses and audits in our suppliers’ sites. The latter have been evaluated on the basis of their capacity to meet the contractual requirements, including the requirements for the quality and healthiness of the raw materials. Only the suppliers that have been previously evaluated and qualified on the basis of objective evidence can receive orders.

  • Our products are widely distributed only in Italy. To identify your nearest retailer with the products that you are looking for, call our toll-free number 800-865143, operational from Monday through Friday from 2 PM to 6 PM.

  • Misura supports the environment using recyclable packaging with a simplified structure. It undertakes to continuously develop projects for limiting our packaging material. In 2013, it received a national award from CONAI, the National Packaging Consortium.
    Indications for the disposal are on the packaging.