Healty & Gourmet bakery brand launched in Italy in 1975

Nice to meet you! Misura

Misura is a leading, pioneering brand in the world of healthy, tasty, nutritional food products that constantly pursues innovation to restore the pleasure of eating well to today’s consumer. All the ingredients we use in our ranges are unique and precious.


Trendsetting is part of our DNA: our daily bread is anticipating the newest trends and improving existing products by seeking new tastes and ingredients and working hand-in-hand with the scientific world on an international level. This has always been our strategy for meeting the requirements of a modern consumer who is more careful and responsible than ever!

Reliability and respect for the environment

Our corporate culture aims to adopt behaviours that reflect our commitments to our employees and consumers. We promote environmental protection and respect, a correct and responsible use of resources and the sustainable disposal of waste. We use 100% recyclable packaging and constantly aim to limit the total quantity of packaging used.

Quality and Integrity

We focus closely on consumer health and safety, choosing non-GMO raw materials and implementing modern procedures to guarantee the authenticity and hygiene of our food products.


We listen to the market, responding and acting in line with principles of lawfulness, honesty, transparency and respect for the dignity of the individual. Our Code of Ethics is the behavioural standard by which all those who work in and for the company must abide.

Quality and Integrity