Yogurt and wild cherry Natura Ricca sundae

A scrumptious, easy to prepare a “super fast dessert” that combines the lightness of yogurt gelato, the crunchy great taste of Natura Ricca Cereal snack with sunflower seeds, cashews, chocolate and the intense flavour of wild cherries.
To prepare it, you can use a ready-made yogurt gelato or try your hand at making frozen yogurt from plain yogurt.



  • Natura Ricca cereal snack with sunflower seeds, cashews, chocolate
  • Ready-made yogurt gelato or homemade frozen yogurt
  • Wild cherries in syrup


Open the cereal snack bar with sunflower seeds, cashews and chocolate and crumble it until you obtain a crunchy mixture. Line the bottom of a sundae cup, glass or muffin mold with the mixture. Drain the wild cherries, cut them into pieces and blend them into the yogurt gelato. Fill half the cup with the gelato/wild cherry mixture, alternate a second layer of the crunchy mixture and finish with the remaining gelato. Place in the freezer until ready to serve.

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