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Our commitment towards the sustainable supply and production chain

Sustainability means making choices that meet the needs of the consumers of today and the citizens of tomorrow. It means striving to produce healthier foods, respecting the environment, using the land respectfully and efficiently to help make food for a growing world population. Offering our consumers these guarantees means making a commitment to choosing our raw materials and their producers carefully, as well as monitoring, tracking and guaranteeing them.

In 2014, we launched to test the creation of a trackable, controlled cereal supply and production chain capable of ensuring the traceability of the raw materials in every phase, from the individual plot of land on which the crop grows to the batch of grain delivered to the production plant. It also aimed to ensure the transparency and professionalism of the farms by registering the agronomical interventions carried throughout the production process and operating in line with integrated agriculture techniques, with a close eye on the environment and on the sustainability of the productions.

The partners in the chain were selected based on their ability to guarantee that they would play a role conducive to the set objectives, and to secure a stable supply of raw materials in the medium/long term.